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Play Impossible Gameball – PurplePlay Impossible Gameball – Purple The Play Impossible Gameball is an active STEM system that delivers fun, challenging games integrated with math and physics through a ball containing sensors that connect to a Bluetooth-enabled device.A whole new ball gameThe Play Impossible Gameball puts 21st-century technology inside the world’s oldest toy. Track the speed, spin, height, and so much more of every throw, catch, toss, and tap, right from your smart device.

Connect, compete, winThe inflatable Gameball connects via Bluetooth to the Play Impossible app, which contains 10 free, fun, and educational games that challenge your strength, reflexes, and speed with the power of smart device technology.

In the boxGameballRapid ChargerTwo AA Alkaline batteriesQuick start guide
Tech specs

Bluetooth compatibility

Power source

Battery life

Bluetooth 4.0
Ultra capacitor and AA Alkaline batteries
Gameball capacitor up to 2 hours. 200 recharges from AA batteries in Rapid Charger

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