Kingdom Come: Deliverance Special Edition for Xbox One – Video Game Disc

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Rewrite its story and become the 
hero! A realistic first-person role-playing game that 
takes you to medieval Europe. 
The year is 1403. Bohemia is located in the heart of 
of Europe and is rich in culture, silver and imposing 
castles. The game is based on a true history-
a story about kings, heirs, a kingdom, 
sieges and bloody battles. 

Emperor Charles IV is dead and his eldest son Wenceslas IV 
becomes King of Bohemia. Wenceslas’s enraged half-brother 
Sigismund captures him and invades the country with his 
powerful force. 

Start her adventure as the humble son of a 
blacksmith who was the only one to survive the destructive fury of a 
mercenary army that, without mercy, destroyed their homeland 
and murdered their family. Your life has been turned upside down 
and you vow to 
avenge her family. 
Enjoy the detailed reconstructed 
landscapes of the 15th century. Carry authentic 
weapons worn by knights of this era 
and take part in epic battles and sieges 
that have taken place in Central Europe. 
Experience a thrilling action-packed adventure and 
realistic role-playing game, with a non-linear story 
and a revolutionary first-person melee system, 
set in medieval Europe. 

Enjoy an endless plethora of 
possibilities: Use their reputation or charisma to elucidate 
crime and influence the inhabitants of 
reconstructed medieval Bohemia, 
so that supports you in their assignments Be. 
Overcome hurdles and overcome challenges in 
different ways. Use their 
diplomatic skill or brute force. As you 
decide, you will have to live with the consequences of 
. Use different weapons, use 
raw materials, take part in historical battles and 
sieges and master the art of 
sword fight. 

A dark path full of serious 
decisions, dirty orders, unexpected 
twists and bloody confrontations awaits you!

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